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The HYBRID flysurfer is the marine version of the PEAK, an ultra-light single-skin/box combination wing for foiling.

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Flysurfer HYBRID - Traction wing

The Flysurfer HYBRID is, as its name suggests, a combination of a box kite and a single-skin kite.

A unique concept in marine wings, very light and powerful, it re-launches easily on the water.

With its excellent low range and stability, the Flysurfer HYBRID is dedicated above all to foiling and wave riding. Its flying qualities make it perfectly suited to both beginners and experienced foilers.

But the HYBRID's qualities also make it an excellent school kite, for beginners and smaller riders alike. With its low lift, the Flysurfer HYBRID flies in a breeze and is therefore perfectly suited to beginner piloting, upwind learning or safe foiling.

The re-launch works particularly well, even in light wind conditions.

Flysurfer Hybrid Hydrofoil

Flysurfer HYBRID highlights:

  • Moderate aspect ratio
  • Lightweight materials
  • Simple adjustments
  • Minimum footprint

Colors / Sizes :

  • 2.5 m² : Red
  • 3.5m² : Red
  • 5.5 m² : Yellow
  • 7.5m² : Yellow
  • 9.5m² : Violet blue
  • 11.5m² Blue violet

Plage de vent Flysurfer Hybrid

Complete pack (wing ordered bare) :

  • 1x Flysurfer HYBRID
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Repair kit
  • 1x Sand bag
  • 1x Transport bag

Flysurfer CONNECT 2 bar (kite ordered complete):

The Flysurfer HYBRID is used with the CONNECT2 bar. A simple and safe bar.

Delivered with 14 + 7m of line, the fronts are mounted in a Y shape with a single line connected to the chicken loop, a new system from FLysurfer.

The HYBRID also works with INFINITYXX or FORCE2 rods.

Technical specifications :

TX-Light Hybrid Konzept: single/double skin construction usingTX-Light/DLX fabrics.

FLS System: frontline flag-out system connected to the opposite side of the leading edge, responsive to triggering

Compact: very light, moderate ratio and compact packaging

Performance adjustment: knots on the C-pulley line allow you to modify the wing's incidence. Short: power and speed!

The family wing according to Flysurfer

there's nothing like trying out new sports with the kids. Exercise is important for personal development and health. Our invitation to everyone who's ever dreamed of going out on the water with their kids, gliding across the snow or playing with the wind in the meadows. The HYBRIDE is a pilotable kite in the morning, a twin-tip kite for kids at lunchtime, and a low-wind kite in the evening with which you can outwit the setting sun yourself.

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Flysurfer HYBRID

Flysurfer HYBRID


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