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Presentation and history of mountainboard

VisitmountainboardOr mtb is a skilful blend of different board sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding and snowboarding kitesurf. A board of mountainboard offers immense possibilities in terms of practice areas and tricks for freestyle enthusiasts. Speed, curves or all-terrain; jumps and skids, so many possible sensations in mountainboard on countless spots.

One of the special features of mountainboard is the diversity of the riders who practice it. From the hardcore downhill mountaineer to the aerial kiter and the kid who rides down the hill in his backyard, the mountainboard is a particularly open and adaptable sport. MTB can be ridden on grass, dirt, rocky ground, asphalt, sand or even in a skatepark.

This totally ecological sport is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts in France and around the world.

The origins of mountainboarding

Visit mountainboard was invented more than 20 years ago by American snowboarders who wanted to continue rider even after the snow has melted. Although relatively heavy (sometimes weighing more than 14kg), the first mountainboard made by the pioneersPatrick Mc Connell and Jason LeeMade it possible to make the first descents.MBS MountainboardsWas the first brand to mass-produce and commercialize mountainboard in California, USA. By investing in equipment development and communications to bring this new sport to the American public, the mountainboard began to really take off.

le mountainboard il y a 20 ans, saut de corniche

It wasn't long before enthusiasts of theground traction(piloting a box kite with a view to being towed) have used mountainboard for towing on beaches or in fields.

In France, we were also among the pioneers with theKheoAnd its founder Christophe Simon, who has developed various models for the kite and descent (some models, such as theKheo EpsilonWill go down in history...).

Over the years, our equipment has become increasingly high-performance and technical. Visitdecks, nowadays, boards are made of flex, whether wood or composite, and their construction can be based on technologies similar to those used in snowboard production (wood or composite sandwiches, for example). Trucks are extremely sturdy and offer a wide range of adjustment options. Last but not least, there are different types and sizes of tires, rims and bearings to customize each board to the mountainboarder's needs.

Avideo previewOf what the MBS team was already doing more than 10 years ago:

The different disciplines

Today, two major trends have emerged from the mountainboard.

The first and oldest is theDirt or downhill. We will classify in this category all the disciplines of the mountainboard not using a traction wing.

The second trend isthe kite mountainboard, which has seen a major boom with the development and media coverage of the kitesurf. We will classify all types of riding in which the rider has a traction wing or sail, also known as a "traction wing" kite.

Visit mountainboard downhill or dirt

Visit mountainboard Dirt is one of those sports you could call Core. Although Dirt can be practised without any risk in "cool" conditions, experienced practitioners push the displine in the most extreme and aerial directions. Extreme, because launching yourself down a vertiginous slope at full speed, with the only means of braking the powerslide (snowboarder-style skidding), requires a hefty dose of motivation, but above all training and some balancing skills... Whatever your level of practice,protectionsSuch as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, short pads and back protectors are often essential.

rider en mountainboard dirt

However, it should also be pointed out that the mountainboard downhill is a very accessible discipline and can be practised without risk with the right equipment. The use of brakes, for example, enables you to manage your speed very well. Downhillbrake for mountainboardsAre quite similar to those found on a mountain bike. But the most important thing is where you ride. You should always start on gentle slopes to get your bearings and learn how to make curves, brake and stop. Don't hesitate to contact a mountain biking school mountainboard where professionals can teach you the basics of the sport, enabling you to set off on your own in the safest possible conditions.

As a general rule mountainboard Dirt useChannel trucks. These trucks, a little heavier than skateboard trucks, feature two metal springs and rubber pads to adjust rigidity and stability in curves.

Visit mountainboard dirt can be combined with any sauce:

Freeride downhillThe rider down a slope with his mountainboard like a snowboarder on a slope.

freerider en mountainboard dirt

Freestyle / big airAfter gaining momentum on a short slope or launch pad, the mountainboarder jumps onto a springboard sculpted from earth or a module made from wood and/or straw. A highly impressive discipline, it's one in which Americans such as Tom Kirkman and Akoni Kama excel, as do Europeans such as the Frenchman Victorien Szyjan. Depending on the modules available, riders can also perform slides or grinds on bars and low walls.

Tom Kirkman pro rider freestyle

Boarder crossThis is a race in which participants face sharp bends, bumps or box's. The first to cross the finish line is the winner. The first to cross the finish line is the winner, but beware of stunt falls.

boarder cross en mountainboard


Visit kite mountainboard

The second part of the mountainboard is therefore the kite mtb. Whether by the sea or inland, the rider uses the wind to be towed by a wing with its mountainboard. This discipline has been developing particularly since the early 2000s thanks to the rise of the kitesurf and its presence in the mainstream media. The evolution of traction and kite land-based paragliders (box wings), which are becoming more and more accessible and efficient, are helping to democratize this discipline.

It is now possible to find4-line wingsWith affordable prices and good quality to get you started. Similarly, the development offlanged wings - shockHas boosted the progress of experienced kite flyers and created new vocations. In fact, the range of uses for these kites is far greater than that of the traction kites available some fifteen years ago. Power management and safety have also been greatly improved. Finally, border - choquer kites allow you to jump higher with excellent lift.

As in Dirt, we can also distinguish several disciplines of kite mountainboard :

FreerideWe ride on the spot just for the pleasure of riding and playing with the environment. One of the great advantages of kite is the speed at which you can move from point A to point B.

FreestyleVery popular, the idea is to perform as many "old school" or "new school" tricks as possible.

Race / long distanceA format used for competition that's pretty close to what you'd find in the world of kite-flying. All mountainboarders start from a starting line and must reach a finish line via several "intermediate points".

Among the rider kite mountainboarders, we can mention the English freestyler Lewis Wilby (Team MBS and Flexifoil) who was a pioneer for a large number of tricks but above all for his adaptation of the marine wakestyle style on land with a mountainboard. He regularly rides on grassy spots like Essex, ideal for sending big tricks... You'll find a video of his exploits below, but be careful not to imitate him: wear protection! We can also mention the following riders kite mtb such as AJ Philipsen and David Ursell, who use the MBS Pro 90.

In France, we also have some good kite mountainboarders (landkiteurs!) like Laurent Guyot alias Lolo BSD who won the French Kiteboarding Championship mtb freestyle 2013. Armed with his Flysurfer Speed (replaced by the Flysurfer SOUL), his style is clean and airy, based on No Foot and numerous rotations.

Lolo bsd envoit un trick en mtb

We can also mention Romain Féaux alias Romouts, team rider fromPeter Lynn. Romain is passionate about powerkite for many years and has dedicated his life to the practice of mountainboard. His style is quite aggressive and Romain isn't afraid to fall off his mountain board !

Jump de Romain Féaux en mtb

In the race, Christophe "Toto" Guiomar (teamHQ), which excelled in 2013 by winning the title of French champion of mountainboard to Leucate.

christophe guiomar champion de france de race en mountainboard

Finally, the younger generation is on the move with mountainboarders like Benoit Miquel (Fysurfer team), better known as "La mouette" and rider or Antoine Fallot (Team Peter Lynn).


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