TAKEBACK: Powerkiter.fr takes back your old gear!

Reprise matériel de traction

How does it work?

Want to buy a new wing, mountainboard or buggy? Powerkiter.fr takes back your old equipment and offers you exceptional prices. All wings, boards, buggies and certain accessories are eligible for trade-in. The only condition for taking advantage of the trade-in is that you buy new equipment this year.

Trade-in of your powerkite

  • Step 1. Send us an email at contact@powerkiter.fr to tell us what you'd like to buy and send us as much information as possible about the equipment you'd like to trade-in

    Photos, make, model, year, size, rating from 1 to 10 (1 = "throw away", 10 = "new"), detailed description of any damage, repairs, etc...

  • Step 2. We study your request and make you a trade-in proposal within 48 hours.
  • Step 3. If you're satisfied, you send us your equipment and you can buy your new items on the site by subtracting the trade-in amount.
  • Trade-in conditions

    When you make your request, please give us as much information as possible about the equipment you wish to trade-in. The more details we have, the more accurate the estimate will be. The equipment you send us is checked on receipt. If the condition of the equipment does not match your description, we reserve the right to modify our proposal. If you wish to purchase a wing with a high buy-back price, we will in some cases test the wing. Material tests may slightly extend the trade-in period. Contact us now!


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