How to choose my mountainboard ? ?

This guide is designed to help you choose a mountainboard for downhill, freestyle or cross-country skiing kite-mountainboard. In particular, it explains how the various mountainboard and offers a selection of boards for beginners.

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Before choosing your mountainboard, you need to determine :

  • your level
  • your weight
  • the discipline you wish to practice (kiteDownhill freeride, boarder cross, freestyle)
We also recommend that you consult ourPowerkiting lexiconAnd the information guide : history and disciplines of mountainboard.

Accessories for mountainboard : platform, trucks, bindings, wheels

Moutainboard - Plateau

The set is obviously the centerpiece of the mountainboard. It is the plateau that determines the capacity of a mountainboard to jump high (pop) and its ability to absorb landings and unevenness (flex).

In general, a plateau is said to have a lot of "Pop"if it allows you to jump high just with the impulse given by the rider with its legs. Some chainrings are specially designed to avoid too much pop. This is the case with mountainboards forwith which you don't necessarily want to take off over the slightest bump.

Visit Flex of a board is its ability to act as a suspension system, particularly on downhill or uphill landings kite-mountainboard. Stiffer chainrings are more suited to disciplines such as racing, where maximum stability is required.

Mountainboards for beginners generally feature a 100% wood deck that doesn't develop much pop. In contrast, the decks of high-performance models often benefit from a wood core and fiberglass coating construction that offers a much better finish, greater durability and greater flex and pop capabilities.

Mountainboard - Trucks

Visit skate trucks, as their name suggests, are similar to the trucks used on skateboards. These trucks are light and simple. In fact, they're made up of 3 main parts: the base (or top truck), the hanger and the rubber. These trucks are often preferred by kite-mountainboarders for their lightness.
Trucks type skate
Visit Channel trucks are spring-loaded trucks offering a wide range of adjustment options. Heavier than skate-type trucks, they are used in mountainboard downhill, boarder cross and freestyle for greater stability at high speeds and precision in curves. They also deliver real stability for heavyweights in kite mountainboard. .
Channel trucks also feature a baseplate and hanger, plus springs and 2 rubber pads.
To adjust the hardness of your channel trucks, you can use the adjusting screws, but also change the rubber. For example, MBS eggshocks erasers are available in 3 different hardnesses: yellow (medium), orange (hard), red (very hard).
Truck channel mbs
Visit vector trucks are exclusive to the MBS brand, leader in the mountainboard. These hybrid trucks offer an excellent compromise between lightness, precision and stability.
Trucks vector
Which truck rubber to choose: soft, medium or hard ?
Whether for skate trucks, Channels or Vectors, there are three types of rubber:
  • Soft rubber: low-hardness rubber for easier turning and carving.
  • Medium treads: medium hardness, a good compromise between stability and carving.
  • Hard rubber: hard rubber for greater stability. Ideal for rider at high speed.

Mountainboard - Wheels

The wheels of mountainboard can have different diameters:
  • Most mountainboards are equipped with 8-inch wheels, this is the standard and most versatile size.
  • The 9-inch wheels enable you to ride on soft ground (sand) or on terrain with obstacles.

Mountainboard - Bindings

Visit velcro fasteners are both lightweight and strong, as they are made entirely of fabric. Theratchet fasteners is similar to snowboard bindings with ratchet adjustment straps. This type of binding is very precise and offers better foot wedging.
All bindings or footstraps are attached to the board using brackets, which can be made of plastic, steel or aluminum. The brackets can be adjusted in various ways to modify the inclination.

What mountainboard to get started ?

Mountainboard Kheo CoreMountainboardingKheo CoreIs ainexpensive beginner boardFor small sizes.
Mountainboard MBS Colt 90 
MountainboardingMBS COLT 90 is a top-of-the-range board at an unbeatable price. A must-haveto get started in kite-mtb. Suitable for one adult.
Mountainboard Kheo Bazik
MountainboardingKheo BazikIf your budget allows, this mountainboard is ideal for medium to heavy weights to start and progress rapidly downhill and/or uphill kite freeride.

I need more advice on choosing my mountainboard ! !

If you're still unsure about which board you need for your Mountainboard purchase, don't hesitate to contact our team by phone on04. by email tocontact@powerkiter.en


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