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Mountainboarding practice

pratiquer le mountainboard

Freeride: As with all board sports, freeriding is about having fun at mountainboard without imposing any particular style.

Freestyle (kite mtb ) : This is a mountainboard discipline in which rider performs tricks. There are several different styles of freestyle mtb: The old school style, which is widely used, consists of high jumps with gentle landings based on rotation and grabs. The newschool or Wake style comes from kitesurf and consists in sending tricks while being unhooked from your harness and without relaunching your kite like wakeboarders. It's less aerial but more aggressive than oldschool.

Jump: Perform a jump, notably by relaunching the traction kite to gain height. The landing can be made smoothly if the rider positions his wing perfectly a few meters before touching the ground.

Low wing jump: Jump in the unharnessed position, without relaunching the traction wing.

Lift: Climbing ability of a traction wing.

Switch stance: rider position in which the rider moves forward on mountainboard with feet inverted and body facing into the wind.

Blind: A rider position in which the body is completely inverted in relation to its normal position.

Wheeling: As in skateboarding, wheeling on mountainboard is a "2-wheeler" or even a "1-wheeler" for the more daring. In 2-wheeling, you can lift the side wheels or the wheels on the same axle.

Kiteloop: A jump with your mountainboard during which you rotate your sail completely, producing a strong horizontal pull.

Back loop: 360° in the backside direction.

Front Loop: 360° in the frontside direction.

No foot (Board off): A jump during which the rider will grabber, remove his feet from the footstraps of the mountainboard then re-insert them before landing.

One foot: Similar to a no-foot but with only 1 foot.

Grab: This involves grabbing your board from mtb with one hand during a jump.

Pop: Elastic effect generated by foot pressure on the mountainboard board in coordination with powering up the traction kite (without modifying the kite position). Pop is used for low-wing / newschool jumps.

Components of a mountainboard

Mountainboard scrub

Shape: Shape in which the board is cut.

Tail: Back of the board.

Nose: Front of the board.

Footstraps: Straps of varying stiffness, usually adjustable, used to brace the feet of rider. Footstraps can be fixed or adjustable with Velcro or ratchets (snowboard type).

Deck: The main component of a mountainboard board.

Handle (MTB ): A "U"-shaped handle positioned in the center of the moutainboard, making it easy to carry the board while handling the kite. It can also be used to perform tricks such as no-foot.

Truck: A metal axle that attaches the wheels to the board, forming a kind of chassis. There are two trucks at mountainboard, each with an axle to which 2 wheels are attached.

Skate Truck: A truck similar to a skateboard truck, with the exception of its larger size on a mountainboard. This is the lightest type of truck, favored for kite mountainboard .

Truck Vector: This type of truck, offered exclusively by MBS, is halfway between a skateboard truck and a channel truck. Stronger than the skate truck but lighter than the channel truck, the vector truck is ideal for riders who want a versatile board (Kite/Descente).

Channel Truck: The truck specifically developed for mountainboard and downhill riding in particular. Channel trucks are very robust and stable in curves. They feature special springs and treads on both sides of the truck. rider can choose between stiffer and softer treads, depending on how the mountainboard is to be used. This type of truck is also well-suited to heavy-duty trucks kite mtb .

Wheels: Each mountainboard has 4 inflatable wheels. A wheel consists of 2 ball bearings, spacers, a rim (aluminum or fiber), an inner tube and a tire.

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