How do I choose my trucks, rims and tires for mountainboard? offers the widest choice of accessories and parts for your mountainboard board. Among all these references, it's sometimes difficult to make the right choice, whether for trucks, rims or tires.

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To understand the difference between the different models of trucks and their usefulness, please consult the "How to choose my mountainboard" section.

Skate trucks come in a variety of sizes and designs. To put it simply, we need to distinguish between trucks with 10 or 12mm axles, and "solid" or "hollow" trucks.

Axle diameter

Most of the time, trucks with a 10mm axle are found on boards for beginners and smaller riders. Lighter than 12mm trucks, they are also less robust.

For freestyle use, for example, it's almost imperative to opt for 12mm trucks. For an entry-level board to start downhill riding, 10mm skate trucks will suffice.

Solid or hollow axle

Solid axles, as their name suggests, are solid! Conversely, hollow axles are hollowed out, i.e. the inside of the axle is empty to save weight.

Hollow axles are often preferred by freestylers in search of lightness, while solid axles are preferred for their solidity.

Channel Trucks classic and Pro

Spring-loaded channel trucks come in two variants: classic and Pro models. Classic models feature a solid plastic base (Top Truck) and a solid 12mm axle .

Pro models, like the MBS Matrix II Pro, have the particularity of being lighter, with a truck base and a cut aluminum axle. These models are best suited to downhillers/freestylerslooking for precision, strength and lightness.

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The choice of rims is generally based on 2 criteria: sturdiness and style!

On, you'll find dozens of references for rims of all brands. The range is particularly wide for 8-inch rims.

MBS Twistar rims are the exception. Available in 4 colors, these plastic rims can be disassembled without the need for tools, making them ideal for changing an inner tube on the spot. Like Trampa's Hypa rims, they are made from molded plastic fibers and offer the best compromise between weight and durability.

There are also plastic rims like MBS Rockstar II that can withstand greater tire pressure. Riders who want to go fast, for example, can opt for these rims to get over-inflated tires. Another advantage is that they are also more resistant to impacts and freestyle landings.

Finally, a wide range of aluminum rims are now available for mountainboard . These are obviously stronger than plastic models, but weigh relatively little. They are often preferred by hardcore riders who break rims like they change shirts. What's more, they are now available in 6 different colors for tuning kings.

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Tires are generally selected according to their grooves. Each tire, like car tires, is dedicated to a particular use.

The most popular tires, such as MBS T3 or Trampa Primo Alpha , offer good grip and good debris evacuation. For use on kite on sand or dirt, they are the best choice. The central groove is thicker than on freestyle tires.

There are also lighter tires for freestylers, with a slightly smaller grip surface. This is the case of T1 tires.

Finally, if you're more of an asphalt rider, the mountainboard slicks MBS Roadies tires are for you. They offer excellent grip on smooth surfaces such as a skatepark.

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