Team is the specialist website for powerkite in France. Behind the screen is a team of gliders who write, test, pack and ship all day long, in a crazy atmosphere.

On the spots, is represented by a team of "consultant" riders, all champions of the sport. These adrenaline warriors have taken the top steps on the podiums and are relentlessly scouring France for tricks and records.

"When the world goes dark and fossil fuels run out, only the wind will keep us going.These riders will then become guides for mankind, beacons in the darkness" Ancient Inca prophecy

They've tested every knot-tying configuration, every piloting error. They've tasted the sands of every beach, and broken every bone in the human body. They constantly push the limits, so much so that in the long run, the limits push themselves when they land on a spot. Some of them sleep in their air-filled box wings. Others regularly eat line spaghetti from kite. On mountainboard, landkite, buggy, snowkite and even kitesurf, if we have any doubts, they don't!

Discover our team of star advisors

Portrait Lolo BSD

Laurent Guyot aka Lolo BSD
Pro Rider Flysurfer, French Kite MTB Freestyle Champion

Portrait Romouts

Romain Féaux aka Romouts
Pro Rider Peter Lynn, living legend and father of the nation

Portrait Toto Guiomar

Christophe Guiomar aka Toto
Rider HQ, French Kite MTB Race Champion

Portrait Victo

Victorien Szyjan aka Victo
Pro Rider MBS, French MTB Freestyle and Boarder Cross Champion

Portrait Ben Fourtanier

Benjamin Fourtanier aka CrocBen
Rider Peter Lynn France


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