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  • Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina is a brand specializing in inflatable stand-up paddles.

  • Colours In Motion

    Colours in Motion is a brand of kites and wind games
  • Cross Kites - Powerkites

    Cross Kites is an entry-leveltraction kite brand developed by the designers of Peter Lynn kites, the N°1 Powerkite brand.

    Cross Kites offers several models of box kites dedicated to beginners and children who wish to discover land traction on kite. These are entry-level kites that nevertheless offer excellent flying qualities. They're ideal for beginners, whether on foot, at mountainboard or in a buggy, without breaking the bank.

  • Dakine - Sac à dos

    Dakine is a brand of luggage and clothing for winter sports
  • Elliot - Ailes de traction et buggy

    Elliot is a German brand of kites, traction kites and buggies.

  • Flysurfer - Kites

    Flysurfer is a manufacturer of closed-cell kites for kitesurf and powerkite.

    Flysurfer is one of the most popular brands among experienced kiteboarders and powerkiteboarders. Flysurfer closed-cell kites, and in particular the Speed (now replaced by the Soul), are particularly appreciated for their large size and light wind efficiency. High-quality depower sails for mixed use kitesurf / snow kite / mountainboard

  • Hillbilly - Protections

    Hillbilly offers a wide range of protectors: knee pads, elbow pads and shortpads.
  • HQ - Powerkites

    HQ Kites is a highly reputedbrand of kites and traction kites offering a very wide range: from monofilis for children to top-of-the-range kitesurf.

    The HQ range is designed for beginners who want to discover the wind, as well as for powerkite pros who want a kite for freestyle mountainboard. HQ (now called HQ4) offers a wide range of wind-related products: wind vanes, kites, box kites, bladed kites, etc.

    See our selection of HQ Kites traction kites for beginners and advanced riders at powerkite.

  • Kheo - Mountainboards

    Kheo is a pioneering mountainboard brand in France. It now offers 5 high-quality boards for beginners and advanced riders at kite and downhill.

    High-quality boards with unbeatable value for money. Kheo offers five models at mountainboard:

    - Kheo Core: the board for lightweight riders

    - Kheo Kicker: for beginners landkite with easy-to-handle skate trucks.

    - Kheo Flyer: the first mountainboard with Channel trucks for freeride, downhill and speed at kite.

    - Kheo Epic: the brand-new freestyle model kite mountainboard .

    - Kheo Bazik: the top-of-the-range downhill board. Perfect for heavyweight riders or for landite speed.

    The Kheo brand also offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories for mounting and repairing your board.

  • Libre - Powerkites, buggies & mountainboards

    Libre is a German brand from powerkite that manufactures land traction kites, buggies and mountainboards

  • Liquid Force

    Liquid Force is a US-based manufacturer of wakeboard clothing and products. The company also has a wakeskating, wakesurfing and kitesurf division in addition to its wakeboarding and apparel programs

  • MBS - Mountainboards

    All products from MBS, the world leader in mountainboarding. MBS offers a wide range of boards for both downhill and downhill riding at kite.

    MBS is the pioneer of mountainboard as it exists today. For over 20 years, MBS has been building uncompromising boards for downhill and downhill riders kite mountainboard .

    Since its beginnings and the invention of the first boards, MBS Mountainboards has never ceased to innovate, bringing major improvements to the sport.

    MBS offers 6 mountainboard models dedicated to beginners and experts alike: COLT 90 for beginners and landkite. CORE 94 for freestyle e Kite or COMP 95, the reference for downhill and freestyle. It's also the only brand to offer mountainboard with brakes as standard: the COLT 90X and COMP 95X.

    MBS Mountainboards also offers top-of-the-range accessories for replacement or custom-built boards: Bindings, Tires, Rims, Trucks or Bearings.

    Want to buy a mountainboard? Why not start riding with the pioneering brand!

  • Ozone - Kites

    Ozone is a highly reputed paragliding, kitesurf and powerkite brand that offers traction wings for all disciplines: mountainboard buggy and snowkite.

  • Peter Lynn - PLKB - Powerkites

    All products from Peter Lynn, the leading brand in land traction and buggy.

    Peter Lynn is the inventor of the buggy and today offers a wide range of traction kites for beginners and pros alike. The world's leading brand of box kites for beginners and advanced riders on all surfaces: powerkites for kids and adults, mixed land/sea kites, box kites for snowkiting and bladder kites for kitesurf.

    Over 20 kites and accessories for all levels and all sessions.

    From the Peter Lynn Hype for kids starting out with a 2-line kite, to the Peter Lynn Twister, the reference kite for jumping powerkite, and the Impulse TR, the kite reference kite for 3-line beginners.

  • PKD - Powerkites

    PKD is a brand of traction wings for powerkite and kite buggy.

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  • Rapace - Snowkites

    Rapace is a brand of snowkite kites offering a unique model, the Condor, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.

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  • Revolution Kites

    Revolution is one of the very first brands of stunt kites.
  • Ronix Wakeboard

    The brand was born in December 2005, seeking to truly innovate and create the best possible equipment for riders. The team of wake pioneers, skiers and influential riders, all co-owners of the brand, has a combined experience of 100 years in water sports.

  • Scrub - Mountainboards

    Scrub is a mountainboard brand with a wide range for beginners to expert riders.
  • Skywatch - Anémomètres

    Skywatch is the leading brand for anemometers.
  • Speedwing - Cerfs-volants

    Speedwing is a brand of traction kites.

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  • Spiderkites

    Spiderkites makes single-wire, pilotable kites for young and old.

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  • Trampa - Mountainboard

    Trampa is a mountainboard brand renowned for the sturdiness of its equipment.

  • Trio - Mountainboards

    Trio is a French brand offering a range of 3 mountainboards with very good value for money.

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